1. How do I use the Piplux device to relieve my pain?

It’s quite simply even for new users, first find the point of maximum pain on the pain area by pressing gently with one finger. When the pain spot is located, apply the lens of the light centered over the spot and press the start button, the Piplux device will direct a penetrating red light upon your skins which need relief, then push the button to turn off the device when treatment done.

  1. How often and how long should I use the light therapy?

As for Piplux device, we would recommend 5~10 minutes treatment sessions every time and twice every day per area for maximum benefits.

  1. Why do I feel the warmth when in the red light?

You may feel slight warmth in the treated area as the exposure period progresses. It’s due to increased blood flow in the area, and the dramatic increase in cellular activity caused by the application of narrow band near Infrared energy. The infrared light itself has no heat.

  1. Is there any risk for using the red light therapy?

Since the red light therapy is drug-free and non-invasive, neither UVA nor UVB rays, so it’s quite safe for home care. Only one thing-always wearing protective goggles to protect your eyes in the red light therapy session.

  1. What are the qualities to make an effective pain treatment device?

 FDA certificated,630-690 nanometers infrared light (Piplux is 660nm), and sufficient infrared energy power to penetrate the skin layer and muscle tissues.

  1. Is it worth to buy one at-home red light therapy device?

Think of it in this way: would you rather make regular trips to a clinic and pay hundreds of dollars each time, or stay at home and do your own treatment with device you’ve already purchased? Home red light therapy saves you time and money. Of course, home treatment devices aren’t as powerful, so treatments take longer, you might spend 15 minutes a day holding something similar to a flashlight to your body, but it would probably take you just that long to drive to the doctor.

  1. What are differences about the three levels of light intensity in Piplux?
  1. What kind of pain can I use the Piplux device to relieve?

According to tremendous scientific research and clinical results, the red light therapy can help with Arthritis, Bursitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Patellar Tendonitis, Tendonitis, Sprains, Muscle tears, Ligament damage, Osteoarthritis, Post-surgery pain etc. Those are what Piplux device can do.

  1. Can I reply on the Piplux device if I have a serious injury?

No, please consult a physician first for severe injuries or other serious medical condition. 

  1. Can Iuse the Piplux device to treat my dog?

Sorry that Pilpux has not been studied in animals, but we have some other customers feedback that it’s also effective on their pets. As the red light is quite safe and not contraindicated in pets, and NASA had tested on rats before, so you are welcome to try.

  1. Can I use the Piplux device for skin care like wrinkles reduction?

No, the Piplux is originally designed for joint and muscle pain relief purpose.

  1. How long do the treatment effects last?

It varies with each individual. Normally, the effects of LED light therapy last for up to 6 hours after the treatment. The original conditions that were being treated should also be considered.

  1. Does the Piplux red light therapy comes with any side effects?

The therapy is non-invasive and has no side effects.

  1. Do you provide warranty for Piplux device?

Yes, 5-year warranty for the LED and 1-year warranty for the main parts.

  1. What’s in the Piplux package set?

The package comes with the Piplux red light device unit, one 18650 Li-on battery, one charger, goggles, lifting strap and a carry bag.

  1. How do you ship?

Free shipping within US,AU,UK,CA. We will process your order as soon as possible once confirm your order, usually you will receive it within 20 days after shipped.


  1. Is it required to wear the protective goggles every time I use the device?

No studies have linked the red light with harmful effects on the eyes, but it’s best to stay safe when having a treatment done. It’s recommended to wear protective goggles and not to stare directly at red light during a session.


  1. How long does the battery last after fully charged?

The batteries are chargeable, able to deliver over 160 minutes light dose per charge. Also, the batteries are made in Japan, very safe and can be recharged hundreds of times.

  1. Does it get hot after several uses? And is it OK to use when hot?

It does get warm after several minutes of use. It’s totally no problem.

  1. Can I use over clothes?

No, for maximum benefits, do not cover your skin with clothes or other materials that will block or partially block the light, it’s better to get your skin exposed directly in the red light.


  1. For other questions?

Contact us at support@piplux.com